About Us

We are a Men’s grooming brand bringing out a positive approach to Weirdness in a professional and standard style. The brand believes that weirdness is a personality trait that needs to be accepted and revealed to the world so that society can be benefitted from the unique essence you have. Today the world needs more people to come alive and accept themselves as they are.
Founded by  Mrs. Sakshi Jain and Miss Bhawna Jain, with the philosophy of
“Be Weird Be Unique”, the brand offers an entire product range for men created through carefully selected formulations. All the products are made with 100% natural ingredients without any doubt about their effects. 

What We Believe In 

The Weird Man believes that Weirdness is Uniqueness. What makes you weird and unconventional is a thing to celebrate. Appreciating the weirdness in you is important as when embraced carefully, it brings you true happiness, unleashes your uniqueness, and unlocks the rare potential you have. Peeling off the stereotypes like indecent, strange, odd, etc surrounding weirdness, We believe that weirdness is wonderful as it is what makes you stand out from the horde. 
Own your weirdness with elegance and grace and reveal it unapologetically to the world. “
Be Weird Be Unique” because normal isn’t the best way to live. Let your freak flag fly, and own your weirdness better.

What We Promise

No Cruelty 

With the growing realization among individuals that every one of us makes some kind of impact on the planet every day, people are in a place of choosing products that are vegan and made without animal testing. Our brand meets the same ethics and makes Vegan, Cruelty-free products accessible to the buyer.

Natural Ingredients

With a bid to provide the finest and highest quality products, our brand curates products with natural ingredients such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Caffeine, Red Onion, Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Tea-Tree Extract, Green Tea Extract, Argan Oil, Nettle Leaf Extract, Almond Oil, etc to deliver the best and most effective products for skin and hair.

Clinically Proven Products

Our brand is highly conscious about what ingredients we put in products. Our products are clinically proven and we create products that are completely free from any harmful chemicals. Our brand avoids using Parabens, SLS, SLES, Synthetic fragrances, and other toxic ingredients that cause damage to the skin or hair.

A balance between Cost and Quality

The price of a product doesn’t always reflect its quality. Our brand works on the strategy of low price and quality products. We provide customers with a choice to opt for quality men’s grooming products without spending too much and offer products at sensible prices. 

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

Our brand has made ethical and sustainable sourcing an essential part of the production and supply chain. Our brand ensures that the products are being produced sustainably taking into account the social and environmental impacts.

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